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GeoTest – November Monthly Featured Service

Certified Erosion and Sediment Control
Lead (CESCL)

All of us in the Northwest are accustomed to dealing with rainfall during construction.  What some of us may not be so familiar with are the requirements of the State of Washington Construction Stormwater General Permit.  In order to comply with the Construction Stormwater General Permit, your project must follow the guidelines outlined by the Department of Ecology (DOE) and your project’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).  For sites larger than one acre, part of compliance with these guidelines entails the need to have a Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) perform weekly site inspections, sample stormwater runoff and prepare reports for submittal to the DOE.

GeoTest’s CESCL team includes soils professionals with backgrounds in Inspection and Geology as well as a licensed Professional Engineer with experience in Site Development, Erosion Control Design, Storm Drainage Design, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Construction Support, SWPPP preparation and Permitting related to Construction Stormwater.  Our experience and diverse staff gives GeoTest the ability to understand the construction process as it relates to stormwater during the construction phase, from start to finish, helping our clients save time and money.

GeoTest Professional Sampling Stormwater

What can GeoTest provide in terms of CESCL services?

GeoTest can provide any necessary testing and/or monitoring to ensure that your project complies with the CSWGP, project specific SWPPP and any other local jurisdictional standards.  Such services include but are not limited to:

  • Turbidity Monitoring & pH testing
  • Visual site inspections (checking sources of pollutants, monitoring BMP’s, etc.)
  • Review of the project SWPPP and all other stormwater related reports and documentation.  Our goal is to anticipate problems before they become a problem.
  • Compliance with Federal, State and Local guidelines.
  • Complete Inspection and Discharge Monitoring reports to the DOE.
  • Track issues with site specific stormwater and assist with solutions if needed.

Why should I use GeoTest as my CESCL on my project?

GeoTest has extensive experience in compliance with regulations associated with construction stormwater.  Using GeoTest as a third-party to provide CESCL services ensures quality testing and documentation.  GeoTest’s knowledge and experience will help to minimize costs associated with construction stormwater mitigation and will  dramatically reduce the chances of fines resulting from non-compliance.

We clearly understand:

  • Current regulations applicable to construction sites
  • Construction stormwater permitting and reporting processes
  • Environmental impacts of sediment, high pH in stormwater runoff and construction site pollutants.
  • Common conditions on residential, commercial and transportation construction sites as well as complex sites containing sensitive areas such as steep slopes, wetlands, shorelines, streams and geologic hazards.
  • Principal factors affecting erosion: soils geology, weather, topography and vegetation.
  • Effective Best Management Practices that prevent or minimize erosion, trap sediments and control water pollution.
  • How changes to a site during construction will require modification of an original design to ensure compliance with the project’s Construction Stormwater Permit.

GeoTest believes in strong communication between project team members, including engineers, contractors and our client.  It is our goal to provide cost-effective, sound solutions based on scientific principles that ensure compliance, minimize time spent away from actual construction addressing stormwater issues and allow to the team to focus on completing the project at hand.

Where can GeoTest provide CESCL Services?

Throughout the State of Washington.

Can GeoTest provide other Stormwater services?

Yes, GeoTest offers a wide variety of Stormwater services.  To learn more about our Stormwater Department call us at 888-251-5276, email us at or visit us online at our updated website

– The GeoTest Team

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