Lummi Nation – Haxton Way Pedestrian Pathway Project

Congratulations to the Lummi Nation and the entire team that worked on the Lummi Nation Haxton Way Project.  WSDOT has awarded this project with the 2011 Award of Excellence in the Best Special Project category.  To read more about the award on WSDOT’s website click here. 

For an inspiring video on how this project came about check out this video on YouTube.

GeoTest performed special inspections & materials testing for this project.  Again, congratulations to the Lummi Nation and project team.


Watch how GeoForm can Increase Chances of Project Success

GeoForm gives GeoTest the ability to deliver special inspection and materials testing reports with lightning speed.  Watch this video and see how this system will greatly enhance the chances of success on your project.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

GeoTest Selected for Statewide On-Call Testing and Inspection Roster

GeoTest Services, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been selected to be part of the Washington State General Administration On-Call Testing and Inspection Roster.  GeoTest is excited to be a part of the Washington State quality control team.

GeoTest finished 2nd place in the overall selection process.  The General Administration selected four firms overall for Statewide Testing & Inspection Services.

-The GeoTest Team

GeoTest Launches New Eco-Fast Reporting System, GeoForm

GeoTest is excited to announce the launch of our new Eco-Fast Reporting System, GeoForm.  Our goal was to have our clients in mind when we developed this incredibly fast and easy to use reporting system.  GeoForm is a secure cloud computing system that delivers special inspection and materials testing reports to our clients and members of the project team (aka distribution list) with lightning speed.

With GeoForms Report Center clients and members of the project team get secure 24/7 access to all of your reports for all projects.  You can view your reports online anytime, from any device.  GeoForm also gives members easy sorting features and emailing options to make your life easier.

GeoForm greatly enhances your chances of success on you project.  With faster report distribution and enhanced tools for viewing reports the entire project team will communicate more efficiently and effectively.  To see a brief video presentation of GeoForm click here.

What makes GeoForm so fast at distributing our special inspection and materials testing reports?  Because GeoForm is an online platform our inspectors enter in their inspections on mobile devices in the field.  This along with many other enhanced processes allows GeoTest to get reports out to members of the project team faster.  And because everything is done online, GeoForm has also eliminated a great deal of paper waste for all team members.  At GeoTest we are extremely proud to be able to help the environment and improve our business model at the same time.

If you have a project with GeoTest you will eventually be sent a welcome email instructing you on how to login to our new system (GeoForm Login Page).  Once logged in check out our News/FAQ page to learn more about the system.

Connect with GeoForm on Facebook.

If you have questions regarding the new system please give us a call at 888-251-5276 or send us an email at

We hope you enjoy our new system and please comment below and tell us what you think!

-The GeoTest Team

Now Offering Online Scheduling

GeoTest’s Special Inspection and Materials Testing Department has launched the online scheduler.  The online scheduling tool can be accessed from any mobile device through the GeoTest Homepage.  Contractors, Construction Managers or anyone who is responsible for scheduling inspections can now easily schedule online with a few clicks of the mouse.

Please comment below on our online scheduler and give us recommendations on how we can improve our business and make your life easier.

Thank you!

-The GeoTest Team